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Hello. In my screenplay, the story begins with an old man having a nightmare in which he dreams of a WW 2 battle in Italy that he was involved in. He then sits up in bed screaming. Should this be formatted as a flashback, or is there a better way to format this scene. Also should flashbacks end with something like "END FLASHBACK" to indicate when the flashback actually ends. Thank you for your answer.


What you are asking about is not flashback but a dream sequence. Basically, they are formatted the same.  For example, you can start with a slugline like -


Action -

And end the sequence with a slugline -


Sam wakes up in sweat.

If you want further detail, refer to Dave Trottier's Screenwriters Bible.

The question I have for you is why?  A dream sequence, or flashback, should add to the story and not be used as exposition.  In Flags of Our Fathers, Bill Broyles uses a real moment event with the old man to explain what went on at Iwo Jima instead of relying on a dream sequence which he could have done.

My suggestion would be that you consider starting the feature with WWII and then move it to the present or use some other mechanism (see Titantic) to move the story back and forth.

Good luck.  

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