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In the final scene of my screenplay, Joey and Vanessa are dancing a waltz at their wedding, and the scene fades into the distance as their wedding guests are applauding.  Could you please share with me the proper formatting of this ending.  Also, in one scene of a spec script, a beautiful girl is running down steps in slow motion, with her long hair bouncing about her face.  How would you format the scene in slow motion, and then back to normal motion.  Thank you and have a great day!


Formatting questions are best answered by D. Trottier's book "The Screenwriters Bible."  If you do not have a copy, go forth and buy one from The Writers Store.

To answer your questions -

For the first scene, you just write in the action
"As Joey and Vanessa dance their waltz with all the guests clapping along with the beat, the scene fades out."

Then FADE OUT.  If the script continues, then you would have to FADE IN again before the final FADE OUT.

For the second scene, you are asking more about a camera direction than an action.  Camera directions do not belong in a speculative screenplay.  How the camera is used is a decision of the director and DOP not the writer.
You could write in the action:  "Cecilia runs down the stairs her hair bouncing in her face."

Keep writing.

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