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Dear Cathy

Can this be a Good Science Fiction Story - "Immortal" or "Never to die" where in the story mentioned that Human Beings are "Never to die" i.e. Immortal due to advanced medicine achievement. As a example Human Beings living for a maximum Life span of 130 years is extended to 1000 years similar to specific Trees / Plants.

In this science fiction story are shown the Consequences, effects if this happens in reality where Human beings species are never to die as a example "Population explosion", environmental effects etc.

Do you also feel a Good documentary film or movie or play can also be constructed on these story base ?.

Similar to the above fiction story base, are there already English movies produced ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant,

If you're asking if the premise you describe could create a world where a plot could exist . . . sure. But it's up to you, as the author, to create that world, and to create a plot and characters within it that would be interesting to readers. It doesn't matter if other similar premises have existed. Know that they have. What you need to do is create a unique world with strong characters trying to live in that world, and achieve a plot that contains the population explosion elements. I'm sure many stories and movies have been done along these lines. Any number of books touch on environmental effects of too many people on the planet (or some other planet) or immortality. Just do a search for "dystopian science fiction" and look through some of the back cover descriptions.

But that shouldn't stop you from telling YOUR story. Even if you have similar elements to someone else's, the other author can't create the characters you would, or the dialogue and narrative you would.

Good luck!


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