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I'm stuck on the wording of a sentence.  (It's just a short paragraph about a true event in life that I experienced at a funeral home.)

The scene is I'm leaving a wake, going down the hall with others who are also leaving the wake, and I spot another wake without visitors.  Here is my sentence:

As I headed out from the wake and walked down the hallway amongst the somber crowd, a room with flickering candles caught my attention.

My questions:   Is "of" better to use than "from," and could the sentence be structured better?  Thanks very much.

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"As I headed out from the wake and walked down the hallway amongst the somber crowd, a room with flickering candles caught my attention."

Hi Patty,

Instead of "of" or "from" I would restructure the sentence and keep it tight.
Here is how I would write this based upon your scene and the goal of your scene:

I left the wake and weaved through the somber crowd in the hallway, passing an empty room filled with flickering candles.


After I left the wake and wove through the somber crowd in the hallway, I passed a room decorated with flickering candles.


After I left the wake and inched through the somber crowd in the hallway, I noticed a side room alive with flickering candles.

Patty- the possibilities are endless. I like the last version because it offers an image of life "alive with" and that works well against the image of death and the wake.

I hope this helps.

best from Kaye Linden
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