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Jefferson Bales - tutorjb1 wrote at 2012-01-03 22:31:48
Dear Unknown Questioner

Be sure to save everything you write. You may feel like continuing it, using it as a jumping off point for new work or combining your older writing into a new or longer work. Google the word Zine and choose a "recommended" publisher or Zine from http://pred-ed.com. There are thousands of Zines out there looking for material to publish and once you've published anything, you'll be inspired to continue. Avoid "Sponsored Links" wherever you see them and read "Writer Beware" at www.sfwa.org. Subscribe to Writer's Digest for a year and join WD's book club when you see free introductory books that interest you. Look in the section of books on writing at a brick and mortar B&N. www/bn.com in your localpublic library and the Internet Public Library at www.ipl.org. Check out the messages and their links in my group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bookdoctorsandeditors.

That should keep you inspired I hope.<G>  tutorjb - Jefferson Bales

tutorjb1 wrote at 2013-08-22 20:58:12
Dear Unknown: I thought I'd add that Sir Walter Scott saved the novel as a form in the early 1800s after he'd given up poetry because he thought he couldn't compete with Lord Byron when he discovered a long short story under his fishing tackl that he;d forgotten he;d even written and expanded it to become the first historical novel. He titled it _Waverly_, it was set 60 years back in Scottish history, presaged Science Fiction when people tired of historical novels and the novelists who followed Scott all wrote historical novels to thank Scott for saving the novel form for them and set them 60 years or more back in history before their publication dates. So saveeverything. You never know what's going to happen.


tutorjb1 wrote at 2013-08-22 21:11:26
Dear Unknown,

Just to be absolutely clear. Scott expanded the story he found under his fishing tackle to novel-size (adding people from real Scottish history and fictional characters)before publishing it as _Waverly_.

Also - he happened to look in the draw under his fishing tackle because he was going on a fishing trip in northern Scotland. Dicken's tribute to Scott was _Tale of Two Cities_.



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