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emmablaze wrote at 2011-01-30 03:41:18
This episode DOES exist. "Love Is Blue" was a #1 USA hit in the 60's and a favorite of mine back then. I was fascinated by it's use in this X-FILES episode as a torture device. I'd also like to know which season this episode appeared in-it's one of the most memorable X-FILES programs for me and I haven't seen it since it's original airing.

fan 1013 wrote at 2011-05-29 00:33:27
That was an episode of Milllennium. The character Lucy Butler is kidnapping high school boys. Frank Black investigates and saves them.  

Rene Pineda wrote at 2012-03-28 17:08:38
The episodie exist. My english is bad, but the song de Mauriat is true in one episodie X files. Remember one men disorder mental and you brother, both killer, they the final episodie closer one women in back the car. The house is jail o laberint down, women raped and no remember more... the song play in the final del episodie.

Erasmusmc wrote at 2013-07-27 20:16:40
I can remember this episode too!

Dring the whole episode that music Love Is Blue was in your ears.

Like a brainwash.

I do want to know too what the name was.

It sure was X files with Mulder & Scully so you are not wrong.

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