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Ziggy Roi wrote at 2007-01-14 00:06:22

  I just wanted to set the record straight, in reference to the ANASAZI episode. I personally watched the film crew, shoot the buried boxcar scenes. They were filmed in a small canyon, just southwest of Sedona Arizona, in late April of 1995. I was a professional jeep tourguide, working for Red Rock Jeep Tours, and a Stuntman as well. I was giving a tour, at the time of the shooting, and I talked to the Forest Ranger. Who stopped all traffic on the trail, as they filmed the helicopter taking off, and firebomb explosion of Fox Mulder, in the boxcar scene.

  I don't know where the "Painting the rocks Red", and filming in Canada rumor started. But, it is possible, that some more footage was required, to complete the scene, and was eventually filmed in a painted Canadian location. Because, the Sedona/Cochonino National Forest permits that were used by the X-Files crew, was only for three days, and very expensive. Plus, you had to purchase the permits in advance.

  Trust me.I was there and saw the filming of this scene, in ANASAZI. and it was filmed in Arizona!

Bykerbbabe wrote at 2011-07-04 04:33:44
The X-Files were filmed all over Alberta & British Columbia.  Some specific locations in BC: Williams Lake, Walhachin, Cache Creek, Ashcorft, Merritt, Kamloops, Spences Bridge...In Alberta: Calgary, Bragg Creek, Lake Louise, Banff....

David Greenwood wrote at 2013-01-12 20:37:12
I agree with Ziggy Roi.  I lived in Sedona and also did jeep tours and recognize the site where Muldar rides with his guide on the back of the motorcycle to the site.  So for at least some of the locations, it was definitely filmed in Sedona.

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