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Yoga & Tai Chi/yoga postures for weight loss after pregnancy


I am a 35 year old mother of two---have gained more than 20 kgs during my pregnancies and its difficult to get off. Though I am trying with Yoga and cardio but my abdomen is the worse---my lower abdomen is not so protruded as much  is my upper abdomen--epigastric area---its disturbing---wonder if its some sorta bloating or what. I would be obliged if you could suggest me some yoga asanas to flatten my upper abdomen and get rid of the protruded area.Thank you.

Hello Meher

If you want to do yoga for getting a better shape or weight loss, you have to do the following: -

~ Aim to lose weight gradually over a period of  say six months.

~ Eat healthy at all times. Yoga cannot reduce weight if you do not follow a low calorie healthy diet. I will suggest start a yoga practice while keeping to your normal diet. Start concentrating on diet after one month of yoga practice. Follow simple yogic diet. Healthy eating is the most important issue.

~ First work out to make your body more fit and get more strength. Fitness is a key issue. Only through fitness you will be able to do more of asanas for weight loss.

~ Yoga is a holistic exercise and will make you to achieve ideal body weight if you practice yoga regularly and follow diet restrictions.

You can have a look at more ideas on weight loss with yoga.

I would like to share this link about an effective method that aids weight loss in conjunction with healthy eating and regular exercise.

Hope it helps. If you have any query do contact me.

Warm regards

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