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hello sir,
         could you please guide me how to do standing pelvic tilt and standing pelvic roll without taking support from a wall.could you tell me the dos and donts and the muscles that should be contracted.

All I can point to is the way your pelvis is attached to your leg bones, and the way it supports your spine by the lumbar. Very small movements in all possible directions should show you your answer.

I recommend the book "awareness Through Movement by Moshe Feldenkrais.

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T`ai Chi and meditation. I am a 30+ year student and teacher of T`ai Chi Ch`uan. My teacher was the late Grand Master Cheng Man-ching with whom I studied for seven years. I am knowledgeable about the principals, practices and the applications of Tai Chi as well as the many benefits and some of the pit falls of practice. I am also knowledgeable about Chi Kung and have developed my own `simple and easy` method. The benefits of T`ai chi Ch`uan and Chi Kung include health and wellness as well as self defense based on principles of yielding rather than resisting. Fascinating! As a life long spiritual seeker I am also knowledgeable about meditation and contemplation. My principle practice is Dzog Chen which I am learning from Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. The benefits of Dzog Chen are the potential to discover your own mind stream and master it. The point is to enter into the non dualistic state of `no thought` and then learn to be aware of this state while entering into thought. Self liberation from samara and for the sake of all sentient beings is the purpose of Dzog Chen practice.

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