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Yoga & Tai Chi/heel pain in both the legs when the day i perform the yoga


For past 2 months I started doing yoga asanas. I love to do the asanas. But when past some days when ever the day I do the asanas I'm getting pain in my both the heels. while doing asanas i don't get this pain after 4 hrs it will start gradually.Heels getting pain even when Iím standing& sitting. I doubted my body weight and I reduced my weight to 4 kg (64kgs.(At present my height is 160 cms with 67kgs) Even though I've experienced the same problem. Then I've stopped doing yoga for ten days. I'm comfortable during days. Iíll perform the yoga calmly, slowly and such a comfort style. I donít strain much and over train. I'm in dilemma, please kindly advice me how to solve the issue.

asanas i perform

kapalbhati pranayamah,

whether i need to change the order of the asanas?

please advice me please...

I doubt that you over strain on your body while doing asanas.
Maharshi Patanjali's Yoga Sutra says - Asanam sukham sthiram means that the posture is that which is comfortable as well as stable. You can judge yourself as to whether you are comfortable and stable while doing postures. Doing beyond your capacity will definitely harm you instead of benefiting you. I would suggest you to first do some simple warm up or sukshama vyayama (loosening exercises) and then doing the asanas in this sequence - standing asanas (stretching asanas - tadasana and ekpadasana), then twisting asanas - katichakarasana (on both sides), then you can go for uttana-padasana and then piraisana. Ardh-matsyendrasana or vakrasana can then be followed. Then you can jaanu-shirshasana and yoga mudrasana and then you can go for bhujangasana and halasana (not to lift legs too high), followed by Savasana. Avoid sarvangasana, and paschmitanasana.

Thereafter you can again start the yoga session with pranayama.

Also you need to analyse your lifestyle and dietary style and see if these require any modification.

Try the above for few days and let me know whether the above helps you.

With regards,

Gulshan Kumar

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