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QUESTION: I want to know abt kundalini yoga for courage ,confidence or get rid of shyness or fear .and how much time it will take to get benefits ..pls provide me that kundalini yoga to do and for how much time ..Ill be thankfull to u .

ANSWER: I can't give you a definite answer since everyone is different and there are so many variables such as how much time and effort one puts into it.  I can only offer some general guidelines.  you NEED to go to a Kundalini yoga class to find out how to do it.  Pranayams are excellent for overcoming shyness as are any exercise that one exhales and hold the breath out for a period of time.  The more effort you put into it; the more you will get out of it.  Here is a link to connect you with KY teachers.


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QUESTION: thanks a lot for your answer .i do anulom vilom pranayam regularly bt just breath in and breath out.i never hold out the if i hold the breath out for longer period of time  during anulom vilom will i get more benefit?

Sat Nam,

Try doing naulis before doing the pranayam.  Go to and search for naulis.  Most of them are more complex.  The standing ones with the hands on the knees are the easiest. Bend over with chin in jalendarbandh.  Inhale, exhale and pull the stomach in toward the spine and up toward the diaphragm.  Pull stomach up like in a vacuum and pump the navel in and out until you cannot hold the breath out.  Try this meditation also.  Very powerful.  Remember to tune in first.

Gurubandhu Singh

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