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Dear Gurubandhu,
concerning the practice I wrote to you about yesterday:
should it be practiced well before meals, on a totally empty stomach, I imagine? Is it Ok to drink some warm water before practicing it, or better not to? And can one practice it close to other practices? (I practice a Chinese exercise in the morning called the deer exercise, which involves a lock similar to the mula bandha)
Thank you again for your help!
Best greetings,

Sat Nam Aaron,

This exercise is best practiced on an empty stomach including no water.  However, do what you can do and don't be a fanatic.  However, you can try it one day with warm water and see how it goes.  My experience is that I do not like anything in my stomach.  I would think it would be good to practice this near the Chinese exercise.

I just noticed  you live in France but maybe you are a transplanted American or Brit since you have correct grammar.  There is a Yoga Festival every August in France.   Here is a link.


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