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can you tell me weather yoga can cure somewhat bad social phobia. If so then how long does it take to cure it fully.


Hi Prince,

Social phobia will get less when you strengthen your manipura cakra (near the navel). There are exercises for this. However, yoga can harm you if you do it wrong, and learning it from a book, a website or even an video, is risky. That way no one will tell you if you don't perform the exercises correctly.

So you need a real teacher. That teacher can tell which of the available exercises is suitable for you, and will help you when you start to feel results. Also he will point out do's and don'ts, like not eating meat or fish when you do most yoga postures.

Finally: A very good way to overcome social phobia is meditation, if you are open to it. If not, I recommend to start with taking yoga lessons or have an individual consult with a yoga teacher.

There are many teachers and some of them are good; many know only some things about yoga and meditation and will not help you much (even when they are successful teachers with many students!). I don't know which yoga teachers there are in your town or how good they are; I myself have very good experiences with Ananda Marga Yoga. Its teachers can teach you yoga and if you like meditation as well. They have a lot of knowledge - and love. Often they teach for little money or for free.

You asked how long it takes to cure the social phobia completely. That is hard to say. With good yoga and meditation it will get less, that is sure. You may want to talk with a psychologist as well to speed up the process.

If you have more questions, just let me know.

All the best,


Joost Boekhoven

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