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I am a 27 year old male from India. To give you a brief introduction about myself, I am a person who struggled hard to find a normal life and is still struggling. I failed in a relationship when I was 16 and loathed myself for nearly 5 years. I became addicted to masturbation and drugs and ruined my life completely. But I always had a desire to live a very peaceful and happy life as I believe that deep inside me there is a person who is longing for such a kind of life.

In the past few months, things got more intense and I surrendered completely to God for mercy. Now I have taken up a life of Spirituality and Yoga alongside battling the succumbing thoughts. I have been practicing Pranayama, chanting and a few other asanas as well on a daily basis. What is bothering me is that my energy level has gone down and my nervous system seems like it is completely sluggish and I dont feel brisk.

Is this a sign of recovery of my nervous system from all the damage that has already been made? If so how long should I wait before I feel myself healthy and completely energetic. What are the changes and challanges I would have to face in this period.
Also, what can I expect myself to be after some 3-4 months of unbroken practice of Yoga, Spirituality, physical activity and Bramhacharya. I would be really glad if you personalise your answer considering all that I have told you.


ANSWER: I am a little confused with this question.  What chanting specifically have you been doing?  Also, what pranayam?  Did your energy level go down before or after you started doing yoga and meditation?  Do you think the yoga caused your energy level to go down?  Something else?  Please answer this and I will be better able to answer your question.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am not sure about the kind of pranayama... Its like breathing through alternate nostrils with a slight pause in between. The chanting is Aum. I was taught of this yoga in the Isha life engineering classes.

I now realise that the decrease in energy level is my perception of thing. To put my question very clear, what would be the impact of practicing yoga on the nervous system for a person who had shattered it completely by drugs and chronic masturbation?

The reason I ask this question is, before starting to practise yoga my body atleast had a little stiffness, I mean my posture. After starting to practice yoga, I felt like the little stiffness disappeared and I started to feel slump. Is this too my perception or is it getting healed. But I also should mention that my eyes and face started to glow a little compared to the lifeless face I had previously.

To add on, I completely surrendered to god and now I feel a little connected to him. I can find a determination in myself. But I keep getting some obstacles like headache, cold and sleep deprievation which tries to put me off the track. So is this what people say Karma surfacing or I dont know what else it should be. My question may be too intense but this is what I have in my mind.

ANSWER: Sat Nam Siva,

To start out, I would suggest chanting "Ong" instead of Aum.  Ong has a nasalized sound and grounds you.  Ong combines heaven and earth.  Aum goes straight into the heavens so it can space you out.

Everyone starts at a certain level with yoga.  You do not need to be an expert or a pretzel to start doing yoga.  Start where you are at now and CONSISTENTLY work to improve yourself.  However, make it doable and do not be too hard on yourself, especially if you do not see improvement at certain times or if you are not able to do the yoga at certain times.  Make a schedule and pencil in a certain time every day that is workable for you.  I think your slump is merely your perspective.  You can even make a log or journal and chart your progress.  

You can use a neti pot or nasya oils every day for your sinuses and colds.  It also help to help you clear your head.  Eat a vata diet by checking with a vaidya.  Kitcheree and steamed veggies are very good.

I teach Kundalini Yoga, which is more physical, aerobic and has more meditations.  I presume you are doing Hatha Yoga.  You said you are not flexible so do postures like cobra, bow, plough and shoulderstand.  Do naulis and nabhi kriyas.  Exercise in the fresh air and engage in sports.  Let me know how this works.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Please suggest me a remedy for sleep depravation. I am finding a hard time without sleep. For your information, I am doing night shifts.

Sat Nam,

I was wondering why you sent this in the middle of the night.  I live in the USA and it is in th emiddle of the afternoon.  I do not know what your schedule is .Are you having a hard time getting to sleep?  If so there  are some alternatives.  Maybe go running a couple of miles or so until you get tired. Do relaxation exercises like plough and shoulderstand.  Bridge pose is another.  Head dropped back is best.  See picture.
Regularity and consistency are important.  Arrange your life so you go to bed and arise at the ssame time if possible.  Night time is best if possible but if you have a night job, arrange so you go to bed during the day, even if you do not work.  Go to a room and be sure it is as dark as possible.


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