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Hello dr, can you kindly explain which yoga exercise is good for erectile dysfunction or healthy sex life in general?

Thank you so much

Hi Mundausa, There are number of yogic postures / exercises which can be beneficial in ED and healthy sex life. First of all, it is necessary to know what yoga is exactly. Yoga is not mere a bunches of different postures / exercises rather it is a way of life. To maintain the way of life postures / exercises are one limb among other necessary limbs. The other necessary limbs of yoga are YAMA- social restraints or ethical values, NIYAMA- personal observance of purity, tolerance and study, PRATYAHARA- sense withdrawal, PRANAYAMA- breath control or regulation, DHARANA- one point willingness, DHYANA- Meditation and SAMADHI. For general people YAMA, NIYAMA, ASANAS- physical exercises or postures, PRATYAHARA, DHARANA AND DHYANA are important to be in life for general well-being on all fronts be it mentally, physically and emotionally. Of course, sex asks for being well on all the three fronts.

I would like to explain that PRATYAHARA   (sense withdrawal) is how essential for being sexually healthy. Too much indulgence of organs deplete vital life force energy. If one is indulged too much in pornography, masturbation and other sexual activities he/she is bound to loss the sexual energy. However, level of indulgence impacting the health may be different for different people. It is individual based but is important for every individual.

As far as ED is concerned one also should be aware of his cardiovascular health as the arteries are involved in supplying blood both ED and heart. Therefore, health of arteries is important.

As for yogic postures for good sex life and ED are concerned the following postures are of great importance.
1.) Surya Namaskar
2.) Sarvangasana
3.) Halasana
4.) Bhujangasana
5.) Dhanurasana
6.) Bramhacharayasana

Moolbandha along with the postures is a great remedy for ED.

Wishing you all the best!
Shashank Shekhar
If you want me to spend some time in describing the necessary steps for ED, you can contact me on the above URL.

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