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QUESTION: Aloha Mr. Gaines,

I am writing to you after a long time. But the wonderful guidance and wisdom you offered to me on my earlier questions stayed with me. I hope you have been doing great.

I am a 28 year old female from India and a yoga enthusiast to reintroduce myself. I have a question this time with regard to my spine. I have a slight developmental deformity called scoliosis with a lateral C shaped curve pronounced in my thoracic region. I recently discovered this through an x-ray. When i try to breathe it still feels a bit troublesome and i think my heart chakra region is a bit blocked because i feel a sadness here that doesnt go away.

I was wondering if there is a way to overcome a skeletal deformity such as this and any tips through meditation, because western science doesnt seem to have a cure for it .

Thank you so much for offering help and advice. I thank you from my heart .

ANSWER: Aloha Priya....

Did you receive my reply OK.....?

Maybe the spell check has a glitch in it as Lost the text before I could send it.


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No i am afraid i did not receive a reply except where you asked if i did receive a reply . I am sorry about the glitch. I hope this is not becoming too troublesome for you :(

Aloha Priya,

Since Yoga is mainly practiced on the floow., To improve your spine Ii suggest your learn Tai Chi Chuan if a good teacher is available. The reason  is
This practice is preformed standing. It promotes good posture. Since the body is generally plastic, using visualization the make your spine become straight may work. Old idea here is to Wear the Moon like a hat......meaning  be aware of the top of your head, giving it a lifting idea to promote seperation between each vertabrea. In a year of so just being aware while walking should correct the spine curve.

As for saddness in heart chakra.....that may be all too common for people as it is not easy to find lasting happiness. Best advice here is to make other people cheerfull, just by remembering the small things such as sincereity in conversation, etc. are you feeling happy in relationship? If not that is more difficult than anything physical.

This time no spell check.....i will just send it.

Bye for now,


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T`ai Chi and meditation. I am a 30+ year student and teacher of T`ai Chi Ch`uan. My teacher was the late Grand Master Cheng Man-ching with whom I studied for seven years. I am knowledgeable about the principals, practices and the applications of Tai Chi as well as the many benefits and some of the pit falls of practice. I am also knowledgeable about Chi Kung and have developed my own `simple and easy` method. The benefits of T`ai chi Ch`uan and Chi Kung include health and wellness as well as self defense based on principles of yielding rather than resisting. Fascinating! As a life long spiritual seeker I am also knowledgeable about meditation and contemplation. My principle practice is Dzog Chen which I am learning from Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. The benefits of Dzog Chen are the potential to discover your own mind stream and master it. The point is to enter into the non dualistic state of `no thought` and then learn to be aware of this state while entering into thought. Self liberation from samara and for the sake of all sentient beings is the purpose of Dzog Chen practice.

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