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Dear Dr. Pandey,
I am wondering how long one should wait after finishing a meal in order to practice the Yoga complete breath?
Thanks for your help and all best wishes,

Hi Aaron,
It's always better to practice the complete breathing in the morning when one is empty stomach. If you want to do it after meal, practice it when you think that your stomach is empty. Generally, one should do yoga/breathing exercises 4 - 6 hours after meal. The gap also depends on that how much and what one ate. If the stuff was easily digestible and not much in quantity then it can take 4 hours or even less. It all depends how soon you feel empty on your stomach.
So doing yoga after meal needs self assessment. Feel yourself, decide yourself. If you have to do yoga/breathing exercises regularly after meal, you can choose and adjust your quantity of food after assessing yourself on foods for some days.
Hope, it will help you.

Shashank Shekhar

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