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I am 61 :) and have practiced yoga 3 - 4 times per week
for 3 months.

My flexibility seems to not be improving very much. It is
hard to do some poses. At my age is it usualcto get stuck
on flexibility problems versus a 20 year old?

Also doing things like headstand inversion seems impossible.
Doing the Plough is hard too. My feet do not get near the floor at all.
My belly gets in the way I feel as I am chubby there.

I feel my neck and upper back are very inflexible.

Is there anything I can do to overcome these flexibility problems? Thank you!

Flexibility cannot be improved suddenly. It is recommended that you do the asanas you are comfortable with. You can try to attempt difficult asanas till the range of your flexibility or strength is reached. Gradually your flexibility will improve.

Focus on healthy eating and start walking along with your yoga practice to lose weight.

Weight loss, regular yoga practice will improve your flexibility gradually.

You can read more about flexibility here

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