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Yoga & Tai Chi/Migraine - Anulom Vilom Doubt


   I'm arun, hope you knew, i pinged you for migraine complaint. You knew i did anulom-vilom. Before some days by doing anulom-vilom my headache was reduced, it was true.
Now, the problem is reversed headache intensity is high after doing anulom-vilom when compared with not doing anulom-vilom a day.
Headache was continued throughout the day, this also true. Hope i'm making mistake in anulom-vilom.(only doing anulom-vilom, no other pranayama)
Last two days not doing any pranayama or any other yoga, headache reduced.

What i did was,
In Vajrasana Postion,
Left Inhale - 2.5 secs Approximate
Right Exhale - 2.5 secs
Right Inhale - 2.5 secs
Left Exhale - 2.5 secs


Morning (15 - 20 mins)
Afternoon (15 - 20 mins)
Night  (15 - 20 mins)
Let me know, What i'm doing mistake ? Grateful to you, if you reply me.


ANSWER: Yes Arun,
I recognised you.
How is your blood pressure level these days.
"Last two days not doing any pranayama or any other yoga, headache reduced."--- Please mention the 'other yoga' if you were doing that along with the pranayama.

As you have mentioned you are doing the pranayama with 2.5 seconds in breathing and out breathing. It's too short. Go up to 5-6 seconds of inhaling and exhaling. Try to take one second more in exhaling than inhaling. If you take 5 seconds in taking breathing in then try to exhale in 6 seconds with the other nostril. You are doing pranayama for 15 - 20 minutes. Do it for only 10 minutes for some days. Do at least 5 minutes of shavasana after the pranayama. After that do not do any hard work immediately nor bow down your head. Also, one hour prior and after the pranayama do not take any thing nor take bath. It means you need to be empty stomach while doing the pranayama and if bath is to be taken that should be one hour before or after the pranayama.
How is your stomach these days. Do you suffer from constipation? If yes, first try to get rid of it. However, do not take laxatives for it. Take adequate fiber in your diet instead, or see an Ayurvedic doctor. Doing pranayama in severe constipation gives headache some times.

Above all start doing Bharamari pranayama as soon as possible and also take advice of a good Ayurvedic doctor as I already mentioned you earlier that medicine would be needed along with yogic techniques.
Report me after adhering to my instructions.

Shashank Shekhar

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

     My Blood Pressure levels are normal, checked it out. I'm doing camel pose with breathing, Bhujangasan, Salabasan and then i don't know the name of the pose it is In vajrasana postition tied both  hands back and goes down with exhale and rise up with inhale (10 times). Camel pose with breathing is triggers headache so left it and deep breathing exercise in savasana position (10 times). I have constipation before a month (just for a only 1-1/2 month). Now a days no constipation. Free Bowel movements and Some days 2 bowel movements per day. No problem. From Last 2 years i have ulcer (GERD / Hyper-Acidity). So that from last 2 yrs, no spicy, no sour foods and Hot foods, by the time no headache even single time but i ate banana more per day. Hope Banana is the culprit for Migraine because banana triggers migraine, Now no banana even single.

Note:- Ulcer is from 2 yrs back and Migraine is from 4 months back.
Ulcer is not cured completely but okay now not like one yrs back.
My Mistakes from your information,
After pranayama i'm in savasana position only 2 minutes and then immediately go to bath. I will correct  this.

I went to Art Of Living Ayurvedic Doctor after your instructions, he prescribed medicines with diet for ulcer and migraine.

1. Shirashoolari Vati for Headache  (Morning -1 and Night -1 after food)

2. Yashtimadhu for Ulcer  (Morning -1 and Night -1 before food)

3. Amlapittari Vati (Morning -1 and Night -1 after food)

4. Aloe Vera Triphla Juice (Morning -15 ml and Night -15 ml before food)

Diet:- No sugar, No sour and take little red chilly spicy no green chilly,
No wheat, No maida and Listed out some of the vegetable to avoid.

I went to yoga class in my area , i'm not satisfied with teacher. he taught me 10 yoga hard poses at first day itself, that day very severe headache. so next day i discontinued.

sir Hope breathing exercise is enough for my condition with ayurvedic medicines . May i right ?

May i contact good Yoga with Therapy Teacher in near Metropolitan cities like coimbatore or Bangalore (Chennai is too far from me)? If you know, let me know.
Thanks for valuable time.

ANSWER: Hi Arun,
It is good that you have stopped the camel pose or the ustrasana. Remember, any pose in which the head is bowed down forward or made to fall down backward would not be good for you. Also, stop the other pose that you are doing in which you sit in the vajrasana and goes down backward and rise up with both hands tied back. However, Bhujangasana and Salabhasana are good for you. It would even be better if you add one more pose- Dhanurasana. These poses are for the flexibility of spine.   A healthy digestive system and flexibility of spine are essential for keeping away headache or migraine. Sitting in Vajrasana for 5 minutes just after lunch and dinner would take care of digestion.

Any hard pose won't be good for you. So far as diet is concerned which has a great role in headache / migraine, you seem to be on right track.

You have taken a good step by consulting an Ayurvedic doctor. Continue the medicines prescribed by him.

The yogic techniques (pranayama and the other back bending postures) along with the Ayurvedic medicines would really be beneficial in long term in treating your migraine. However, you have not yet started the Bhramari pranayama. Start it at the earliest.

Sorry, I do not know any Yoga therapist in Coimbatore and Bangalore. However, finding a good Yoga therapist in those places should not be a difficult task. Keep looking for one.

Take care. God blessings!

Shashank Shekhar

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

   Thanks for your reply and asanas recommedation,
this is what i need sir . I will start Brahmari Pranayama.      
Forgot to mention, i'm doing other 2 asanas, it is Butterlyfly exercise and
Standing Side Stretch Pose (Both Sides-left and right) with breathing.
May i do this second one ?

After your last mail, i understood, researched and sorted some yoga poses from internet.

Dhanurasana are you recommended.

May i do below asana's ? Waiting for your approval.

In addition to above Poses for Migraine / Headache

Adho Mukha Swastikasana or Cross-Legged Forward Bend
Viparita Karani or legs up the wall pose    (I know)
Tadasana or Mountain Pose Hands at the sides
Half Downward-Facing Dog Pose
Kardudasana or Eagle Pose

Restorative Asanas ( All I know)



Hello Arun,
I have here copied your questions and pasted them here. In the bracket IN BOLD LETTERS, right side of your query is the answer.

YOUR QUESTION: May i do below asana's ? Waiting for your approval.

In addition to above Poses for Migraine / Headache

Adho Mukha Swastikasana or Cross-Legged Forward Bend------ Answer: (DON'T DO THIS FOR NOW)
Viparita Karani or legs up the wall pose    (I know)---------- Answer:  (YES, CAN DO)
Tadasana or Mountain Pose Hands at the sides------------- Answer: (YES, CAN DO)
Half Downward-Facing Dog Pose-------------------------- Answer: (DO NOT DO FOR NOW)
Kardudasana or Eagle Pose----------------- Answer: (YES, CAN DO, in fact I would have myself asked you to do this after some time)

Makarasana-------------------- Answer: (YES, CAN DO)
Savasana-------------------- Answer:   (YES, CAN DO and I have already mentioned to do it for at least 5 minutes after Pranayamas)
Balasana----------------------- Answer: (NOT FOR NOW)

I have already mentioned that you should avoid the poses in which you have to bow down your head forward or backward.

Shashank Shekhar  

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