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Dear Sir,
        I'm arun, wish you happy new year-2014. Happy to ping you again. As per your advice, doing anulom-vilom, after doing anulom-vilom is headache is reduced and calm headed but not fully. Later some hours again getting headache as usual with same magnitude. Hope it will take time to cure and also having ayurvedic medicine with ayurvedic doctor. He prescribed "Sirashoolari vati" and  making mistakes in Brahmari so only doing anulom-vilom. Brahmari i wants to learn from guru, searching a guru.  How many days to takes to cure migraine ? Have you gone through any person like me and then they cured ?  

Hi Arun,
Happy New Year!
Do Anulome-vilome three to four times daily. Bhramari is not so complicated that you have to wait for a guru to Learn it.
Many a persons have been benefited with pranayams in the case of migraine. However, in almost all the cases the practice of pranayams have been necessary to continue even after getting rid of the migraine. Of course, the number of times doing it a day certainly get reduced to once or twice a day. In addition of yogic practices, medicine is also necessary.

Shashank Shekhar

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