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I'm 17 year boy my height is 5"6' .plz tell exercise to increase height ?plz tell much seconds or minute hold the yoga position for increase height?

Hello Pratik

Height is mostly determined by the genes you inherit. However, there are some factors which can help with height gain:

1. Do regular exercise and if possible do yoga along with other games and sports.

2. Eat a nutritious diet and avoid all junk and processed food. It would be advisable to get advice from a  dietician and get a diet chart made for you. In addition to other nutrients, adequate amount of calcium, proteins and Vitamin-D intake is  essential to gain height.

3. Yoga practice cannot guarantee weight loss. Also, you cannot depend on a single asana to gain height. You can do a yoga sequence of around 45 minutes including different poses and then you can focus more on stretching exercises. Suryanamaskar (12-24), shoulder stand (hold for 30 sec or more and repeat twice or thrice) and tadasana (hold for 30 sec and repeat 5-6 times)  are recommended for increasing height.

4, You can also read more on the subject by visiting the url given below:

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