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I am suffering from hypothyroid and wanted to start prayanam and yoga and did some prayanama also but when I hold the prayanama i get palpitations and then I stop it. Am I doing something wrong? Please advise me with schedule.


Hello Himanshu

Management of hypothyroid will depend on so many conditions which are not brought out in your question viz age, weight, thyroid test reports, lifestyle, eating patterns etc.

First of all you must consult your doctor(if not done already) and take prescribed medicine.

Consult a experienced yoga teacher and learn yoga under guidance. Yoga asanas must be done keeping in view your fitness levels. Your yoga practice must start with simple asanas and simple breathing techniques like rhythmic breathing, alom vilom (without retention of breath). Do not hold breath in pranayama unless doing yoga under supervision or properly trained for the same.

You can read more on the following webpage

To control hypothyroidism with yoga you need to have a disciplined and holistic approach with maintaining a balance with respect to strict diet control, proper rest and relaxation, yoga, meditation, non sedentary lifestyle, proper sleep etc.

In case you have any further queries do contact me.

Warm regards

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