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Hi. I am vivek. What are the ways to keep good  immune system and to gain body weight. What should I do.

Sat nam Vivek.

To answer your question about gaining weight,  my teacher, Yogi Bhajan suggested eating dairy products like yogurt and lots of steamed beets.  Eat loots of root vegetables since they  contain lots of minerals.  These are also very good for the immune system.  For the immune system, I would suggest stop eating certain foods like foods with chemicals in them so read the labels.  White sugar is also a no no and to a lesser extent lots of sweet things.  Do not eat fried foods or hydrogenated foods.  Kitcheree is an excellent food. Onions, garlic and ginger will keep the body in tune.

Keep a regular schedule and exercise.  Yoga is great as is brisk walking and sports.

I hope this is a start to your healthy life.

Gurubandhu Singh  

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