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Namste sir. Im 17 year height is 5"6' plz tell me yoga exercise to increase many seconds or minute hold yoga position to increase height ?

Sat Nam,

I teach Kundalini Yoga and did hatha yoga before i did Kundalini Yoga.  Yoga can help some things but it is not a cureall.  Height is mostly a function of genetics.  However, yoga can help you maximize your height by increasing your nerve and muscle strength and flexibility.  It is somewhat like using a knife.  A knife will always be the same length.  However, if you sharpen it and maintain it, it will serve you very well.  You cannot change the knife length (height).  I have to add that you may still continue to grow since some people continue to grow until their 20s.  

I would suggest "life nerve stretches" (sitting and standing forward bends, backward bends like cobra, bow and wheel and twists like sitting half spinal twist
These will affect all the systems of the body.

Please let me know how this works for you.  The main thing to do is to do these on a regular basis so decide how much time you can devote to doing these on a regular basis and do them on a regular basis.  It is not a one shot deal.

Gurubandhu Singh

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