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Dear Joost Boekhoven,

I have a small problem. I am a man aged 25 and have several issues regarding my health.
I feel reoccurring pressure in my spine and it makes a cracking noise from time to time. I have a feeling my spine might of been out of alignment. Also my knees crack a lot when I simply walk. I think this comes to early for a guy of my age and I was wondering if there were any prescriped diet tips and movement(postures, flexibility or anything that comes up) that will be of any help.

Regards Dion

Hello Dion,

Thank you for your question. I can certainly understand you want to do something about your problem.
Before I can give an effective advice, I need to know what doctors have said about your spine and knees.

An advance guess: The problem may be the result of regularly eating food that creates too much acidity in your body. Many doctors may not mention this or even deny it there could be a connection, but the fact has been known for a very long time already.

If you want to try out this possibility, you could eat less meat for a while, less refined products (including white sugar, white bread, normal pasta), less grains and less onion and garlic. Full corn grains requires a little getting used to but after a while you may like it better than the refined variety.

You can eat fruits and vegetables (apart from onions and garlic) as much as you like, and yoghurt is good, too. Don't force yourself not to eat certain food if you feel a lot of resistance, just try to eat less of that food. For instance don't eat it on certain days.

After one or two months of eating less acidity forming foods you may feel the difference already, if this is the cause of your problem. Even if it's not the cause of your problem, the food most people eat in the western world is too acidic and causes a lot of health problems.

More information you can find in the excellent book 'Food for Thought' by Ananda Mitra:
and on this website you can read something about healthy food in general:

Regarding yoga postures etc.: It is important to learn them from a teacher who knows you a bit and can see what is best for you. Also he can see if you do the exercises correctly. Learning yoga from a book, a video or from general advices can be quite harmful for your health.

Let me know if you have more questions.

All the best,


Joost Boekhoven

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