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Yoga & Tai Chi/which pranyams & exercises will solve my stuttering problem?


QUESTION: I have stuttering problem from childhood. I tried many things but all was in vain. please suggest me some pranyams & exercises which will surely solve this problem. Now since 2months I am doing 5 mins kapalbhati & 10 mins Anolom vilom. Is this 2 pranyams will help me to solve this stammering problem. I will be waiting for your reply. Thanks.

ANSWER: Dear Nilotpal,

I apologize for I could not reply to your email as the email indicating your question was found in spam and co-incidentally while reviewing the spam folder, I found the said email.

Coming to the point.

I understand your problem.  In this regard, kindly ensure that you are not suffering from any physiological or structural/anatomical defects in /around buccal cavity which cause stammering.

There is no need to get strained so much, my dear friend.  There have been many personalities in the past, who had been suffering from such a thing and inspite of this, they have achieved far much that no common person can achieve.  There are many who have cured this problem.  You can too solve this problem; but it needs to have patience and self-analysis and acceptance.

The cure to stammering depends on the cause / diagnosis report.  If it is due to anatomical structures, it would not be probable to cure it through yoga.  

The solution to your problem needs to have patience and  self-analysis and acceptance of your own self.

Presuming that there are not any anatomical problem in the tongue structures in the buccal cavity, I would like to mention the following in reference to your query for asanas for curing stammering:

(i) First four breathing exercises of Suksham Vyayama as designed by
Swami Dhirender Brahmachaari.

(ii) Surya Namaskar

(iii) Simhasana (with tongue enlengthened but not with over strain)

(iv) Pranayama - Bhastrika, Naadi-shodhana (presuming that you do not
have any respiratory problem; High B.P or any other circulatory

(v) Meditation / Progressive Relaxation

(vi) Practice to slow and focus your breath so as to control your

(vi) Positive Attitude to accept and love yourself with gratitutde and

Childhood tension and stress is believed to be the main cause of stammering. If it is the case with you then you should also follow the points given below:

(i) Think slowly before and while speaking (Remember to learn to think slowly; the thoughts should not be fast and should be very slow) so that brain instructs the body and vocal tools accordingly.

(ii) Auto-suggestions - Feel and repeat the suggestions / thoughts to your self at night just before sleep and immediately after sleep in morning - "I speak confidently" (108 times) each time (morning and night) for three months. To get good results, while feeling and speaking to yourself, you need to write on plain paper 108 times so that this feeds directly into your subconscious mind which shall transform your personality. This is magical treatment, even physiological or anatomical discrepancy of the body is known to cause this problem. And I am sure that you will do it and magically transform yourself. If you really want to get results, I am sure that you will do this.

Please feel free to write to me for any information on the discipline of yoga therapy.  Simultaneously, I would also suggest to continue your search of speech therapist, alongwith some qualified yoga therapist to have synergistic positive effect on your personality.  He would be able to make you learn some speech exercises to rectify the areas where you are getting

With regards,

Gulshan Kumar

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks very much Gulshan Kumar for giving some  light in this aspect. I think that it's not a anatomical defect rather than its due to breathing problem because  before going to talk if I take some deep breath it helps a lot. I think that my mind do not synchronise with my speaking and owing to that I stammer. when I sing I never stammer. My stammering is high when I feel anger, when I talk to stranger.  What you told in  AUTO SUGGESTION is mesmerizing. I will try that one because it will confidently change my subconscious mind. Any suggestion from you will be highly appreciated. THANKS

Dear Mr. Ghoshal,

Sure, my suggestions could not replace treatment for anatomical defects.  

Your question/reply has itself an answer to your problem.
When you take a deep breath, your mind calms down and that is why it helps you avoid stammering.
Obviously you will not be able to synchronise your speech with the overspeed of the thoughts. With the slow speed of your breathing and consequent slow speed of your thoughts, you will be able to speak clearly and confidently as then the thoughts translates to words easily because of sufficient time.

Similarly during anger, observe your mind. You will notice that at the same time, the speed of the thoughts is up. Same situation is while you speak to the stranger, this is because a sort of anxiety develops which again cause speed up of thoughts resulting in stammering as the thoughts do not get enough time to get translated into words.  So, the only solution is to calm down the mind.

With the above explanation, you can make your own solution by searching for ways to calm down your mind and thoughts - meditation, relaxation techniques, autogenic trainings, progressive relaxation, etc.  Auto suggestion will add to your solution in a wonderful way as already explained in my earlier reply. The condition is that you need to take it sincerely and persistently and patiently.  Water boils at 100 degree and fails to boil even at 99.9 degree. So, do it with full heart and patiently until it results positively.  I hope that you understand my point.

Please feel free to write to me for further clarification / information. I will be happy to help you become successful.

With regards,

Gulshan Kumar

With regards,

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