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My brother met with a road side accident and had a severe head injury since oct.2010 firm that time he is having a behavioral problem plz suggest any guidelines. In India where we can do his best on reasonable cost

Sat Nam,

I apologize that this is late but I just received this two days ago right from allexperts.  I am puzzled why it did not get to me.  I live in the USA and have never been to India but will do my best to answer your question.  I can answer your question from a yogic standpoint.  There are a lot of postures in yoga so I have some questions for you.  I do not know your brother or what he can and cannot do.  Do you want advice on asanas?  Meditations?   Are you asking for therapies you will do to or for him?  Does he want help?  What can he do?  More important is what he is willing to do?  As far as taking him someplace, I would suggest going to an Ayurvedic Clinic that especially deals with brain injuries.  .  Kerala seems to have a lot of clinics  find out testimonials and what percentage of people are helped at the clinic and the methodology used to come to that conclusion.  Please give me more information and I will be able to answer your question better.


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