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QUESTION: No problem guru ji
       I am always happy with your answer. Sometimes waiting creates lot more eagerness. While I am meditating sometimes I am able to focus good but sometimes I can't. Is there any techniques to prepare our mind to focus more before meditation?
         Thank you,

ANSWER: Sat Nam Srinivaas,

Trouble focusing is the nature of the monkey mind.  Oftentimes, yoga is done before meditation to prepare the body for meditation.  Pranayam can be done during the meditation to help you focus.  Here is one such meditation.
Man meditations have a mantra and you may meditate on the mantra.
Here is a meditation where you may may concentrate on the mantra.
This is Kirtan Kriya.

Please let me know.



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QUESTION: Namasthe Guru ji,
         recently I started feeling my third eye(tingling between eyebrows) even when I am not mediating, while I am working, talking, driving, etc..., it's giving pleasure but I can feel muscle tension in my body however it's giving good results. why does it happen? Is there any wrong with my meditation practice? Is it good or bad?
         Thank You,

Sat Nam Srinivaas,

I am sorry to tell you that there is no easy answer to focusing.  If you lose your focus, then get back to what you are doing.  Redouble your efforts.  Examples are remember or chant the mantra, focusing the eyes at the 3rd eye point o tip of nose depending what the meditation calls for; visualize what the meditation calls for; involve the senses like hearing the mantra (anahat); keeping the back straight and holding the scapula like you are trying to touch the two scapula by the spine.  Let me know if this helps.


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