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Hello Sir,

I had my first baby 9 weeks back through surgery. I used to do regular yoga (mainly for weight loss) before pregnancy but stopped after knowing about pregnancy. Now I am 10kg overweight.
I want to know what all yoga asans I can do to reduce weight and maintain good health. When is it safe to start SuryaNamaskar? Also, if there is any asans that I should avoid as I have abdominal surgery, please tell me.

Thank you!

Mild exercises can be started after 5-6 weeks. Some even take nearly 10 - 12 weeks to try doing exercises and generally, the doctors recommends 6 weeks at least. So, after recommended number of weeks, listen to your body and do not overdo any exercise / asanas and only after you have recovered and healing process is completed.

Consult with your physician before starting any schedule for yoga.

Start with light exercises and advance after 2-3 months.  

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