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Dear Sir
My BP has been fluctuating between high and low for the past few months.  I am now monitoring it and it has been 153/75 for the last few days.   I am feeling good.  The doctor wants to monitor it before he can prescribed medicines.

I had a fall three weeks back and had a cut on my forehead due to bang on a pillar and had 8 stitches.  CT is clear but I am suffering from vertigo now which I am told will go in few weeks. this was due to the brain being shaken because it was a high impact which also hurt my neck as a whiplash injury but It is getting better.

I am going to yoga classes twice a week for the past two weeks and also doing anulom vilom at home, in the morning and evening for 5 mins and bhamri.

but I find after I am done with anulom vilom, I get headaches which last for the whole Bp is the same high.

The yoga teacher has taught us how to do the prayanams correctly.  so maybe this does not help me?

many thanks for your help



I don't know you or your situation.  I will do my best to help.  Try these things and if they help continue to do them and if not do not do them but give them a fair chance.  The alternate Nostril Breath may not have worked if you did not pull neck lock.  See the link of my friend doing it.
Try inverted postures like shoulderstand and plough.  Also try Half Spinal Twist.
So AEROBIC THINGS LIKE running BRISK walking  so you sweat or soccer or basketball.

Let me know how these work and I can help you adjust your routine.


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