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My 9 month female got hooked up with my male yorkie, he weighs 5 lbs and she weighs around 4 lbs. Is she able to have the puppies. I wanted to wait but my Mom let them out and they only did it once and she was in her 10-14 day heat cycle. When will I know if she is pregnant ? When do I take her to the vet ? She is taller than my male and longer.

Hi Carrie,
    Only an x-ray by your vet will be able to tell you if she is able to have the puppies without a C-section. Height nor weight has anything to do with being able to deliver puppies, the size of her internal pelvic ring determines whether the puppies will 'fit' on their way out or not. I have my females x-rayed at 14-16 months old to see if they can be bred to have their puppies naturally or not.. but then again, I've had proven females that had a litter before, suddenly need a C-section because a puppy presents itself sideways or head turned back or puppies are larger than expected to be....with yorkies, always be prepared for the unexpected!
My little ladies start to get their 'baby bellies' at about 5 1/2 weeks pregnant, however if they are only having 1 puppy or have very small puppies, sometimes they barely show at be sure, I would take her to the vet for an exam or X-ray a week before her due date, to determine if she is pregnant and how many puppies to expect. Good luck and hoping everything comes out fine!

BTW,the ending line pertaining to breeding responsibly, is added by ALLEXPERTS, not by me.  

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