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My 11 month old yorkie went into her first heat at 7 1/2 months.  It lasted for over 3 months!!!!  She hasn't even been over it for a full 30 days yet & her little peepee & nipples are swollen again.  Does this sort of thing happen occasionally?  We didn't see any blood at all.  How often do they go into heat?

Hi Barbara, I am sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner, I have been very ill with an abcessed tooth..!!
   Your yorkie normally will go into heat 2 X a year.....about every 6- 8 months normally is what mine do. Staying in heat for 3 months can be detrimental to your little girl's health, it may be a hormone imbalance, it could be a cyst on her ovaries, or another condition entirely,  but whatever it is, she needs to see a veterinarian to determine what the problem is...you can't always see the blood from a female in heat, some of mine are so clean about themselves that they don't leave a trace of being in heat at all, my males have to let me know!
Good luck, I am sure your vet can figure out what is going on.

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