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Young and the Restless/Brooks girl being scammed?


Please, please help. No music question here! I distinctly remember Y&R having a plot around late 70s/early 80s and I'm pretty sure it was Peggy Brooks or someone Brooks being scammed by a fortune teller or tarot reader named Sookie or Zuki or something. It's so fuzzy in my mind, but I really want to verify this memory. I remember the scam artist being in a garden/gazebo-type setting with (maybe) one of the Brooks female characters. I don't know if the goal was money or what. Is any of this ringing any bells? I think the scam artist was wearing white, including a white head wrap, she may have been Asian. I have searched old cast lists and can find nothing about a Suki or Zuki, but maybe it was a short-lived role, or maybe I'm wrong about the name. I hope you haven't quit being an expert, because I feel like you'll be able to help. Thanks

Hi, this question is too long for me to help with, but I did have a little time and glanced through a Y&R book I have and didn't see anything about that storyline.  But it does sound familiar to me.  I do remember a gazebo in the Brooks backyard. I am sorry I cannot provide any more details, but keep searching on the internet, you may get lucky.  Thank you.

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Please, Please, Please do not ask me any questions about any songs playing in the background on the show. I have no idea about them and do not even pay attention to them. I CAN NOT tell you what songs are played in the episodes. I CAN answer questions about people, plots and history of the show. I`m fuzzy on questions from the years 1979 - 1989. Thank you and I hope I can help you.
I don't mean to come off sounding rude, but you have no idea how many questions I get about music even though I have this paragraph about my expertise and the fact that I know nothing about the songs. Thank you in advance. Oh, and one other thing, if you do ask a question about music even after all this; I will not answer it. Sorry. 10/17/07 - BECAUSE SO MANY OF YOU KEEP ASKING ME QUESTIONS ABOUT MUSIC PLAYING ON THE SHOW, I HAVE NOW DECIDED TO GIVE RANDOM ANSWERS TO WHATEVER SONG POPS IN MY HEAD. IT WILL NOT BE THE NAME OF THE SONG FROM THE SHOW. FAIR WARNING.


Believe it or not, I have been watching since the show debuted in 1973. I was home sick from school and my mom was going to watch this new soap- the Y&R. I got hooked and have been watching ever since. I especially know the early origins of the show, characters, famililes, etc. I am also very good at predicting what will happen with characters and storylines right away, and usually have contests with my mom or sister to see who is right. But one thing I don't know is music! I don't know the songs they play or background music, so if you need answers regarding music I just can't help because I honestly don't know. I am just watching the show like you, I have no inside information about the songs they sing or that are playing in the background.

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