Young and the Restless/rape storylines


Mary Davis wrote at 2014-02-18 04:05:01
There was another Chris that was raped and she was married to Snapper.  She had sisters named Lorie and Leslie.  Leslie was married to Brad Elliot

Mary Davis wrote at 2014-02-18 04:12:16
The guy who raped Chris Brooks was Anthony Greary (his real name).  She did get him prosecuted with the persistence from Snapper

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Characters, present and past Plots and twists What ever happened to? Who has been married to who? Don`t mess with Victor Newman, I can tell you why? How did they start out?


Been watching the show pretty much since it started, though I did not get real addicted to it until the early 80's. I started watching with my mom, who always had it on. I know the show so well now, I feel like I could write it!I certianly feel like I know the characters.

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