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I have recently finished two rooms with deep skirting boards, est 7in high. and have found that they have warped and some have beveled. These are on the walls and look horrendous!! Is there anything I can do or is it too late for them and need to purchase new. If so where is best company to buy from and should it be treated or untreated?? I am a chef and diy is a new are for me!

If the skirting boards are to be painted you're probably better off taking off and replacing with 7" MDF boards they are in longer lengths generally and are more stable and hard wearing - I'm assuming you've stuck on with liquid nails or similar - if you want to keep the existing ones then try drilling and plugging into the wall - if its a masonry wall then screws and plugs - if its a timber stud wall - then find the uprights and screw into them. Don't forget to seal the tops with decorators caulk on completion.

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