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Do It Yourself UK/New double glazed windows - is this normal draught?


I moved to brand new house 2 months ago so everything is new.

I have a problem with my master bedroom's window which faces north side. These windows are a double glazed and one is openable and the other is non-openable.

I can feel cold draught or cold breeze every time so I applied caulking and sealant in all gaps between windows and windows' frame.

However I could feel cold draught still so I sticked foam tape to openable window.

It didn't work so I bought window insulation kit to stick vinyl to openable window.

I tried 3 ways above but they didn't work at all.

Cold breeze come in to my master bedroom still.

What should I do? Are there any solutions you have?

To me it sounds a strange problem especially if you have tried different solutions. In the UK all windows have to be fitted with trickle ventilation. Its usually located at the head, top part of the window.  I don't know if Canadian have a similar situation. If you have trickle ventilation fitted then this could be causing your problem so check and usually simple to close. If it's not, then my best advice is to call in a trade person to look into the problem. It is challenging for anyone to workout what could be the problem without looking/examining at the window. My concern would be if you feel a draught then bad weather could be getting in and cause further problems to the window.

Hope this helps you.


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