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Hey Richie! I was reading your profile and saw you are best with Infernities. I recently began to run Infernities as well. If you could take a look at my current build and tell me how it looks, that would be great :D! It's an Avenger build.


Thanks again!

Hi AJ, the deck looks pretty good, but there are a few chages I would recommend.

+1 Infernity Necromancer - This is just a recommendation; it isn't necessary to use 3 copies, but I find that drawing necromancer at a crucial time can save you, and it also makes it easier to get in the Graveyard with Grepher. Add it or don't; it's up to you.

+1 Dark Grepher - Another card that I would consider preference. I personally prefer 2 Grephers over Armageddon Knight because I've never drawn it and not had something to discard with it. If you do add another one, I would take out Armageddon Knight. Again, it's up to the experiences you've had.

-1 Forbidden Chalice - While it is a great card, it isn't permanent, so we're going to replace one copy with a Fiendish Chain.

-1 Book of Moon - A useful card, no doubt, but it's only that useful in certain situations, and there really just isn't room for it in the main deck.

+1 Heavy Storm - While at first it may not seem like a good idea for this type of deck, I still consider Heavy Storm a necessity for almost all decks in this format. You don't want to set up a big play and then run into a Solemn Warning halfway through.

+1 Pot of Duality - This is a card that you either run at 2 or none. The only reason you add it is for consistency, which this type of deck needs some help with. If you only run 1 copy, you can't consistently draw it, which doesn't help your deck with consistency at all.

-2 Dimensional Prison - The only things this card is mainly used for stopping is Stardust Dragon (which this deck has no problem taking down with monsters) or Red Nova Dragon. Granted, there are some others it's useful for, but I would say this is more of a side deck card for Infernities.

-1 Bottomless Trap Hole - With all the removal in this deck, 2 BTH isn't really necessary.

+1 Call of the Haunted - I would add another copy for consistency, so if your field is wiped out, you still can revive Infernity Archfiend or Void Ogre Dragon and continue to victory.

+1 Mirror Force - Still the best monster removal trap card in the game in my opinion. Not that many people are main decking Starlight Road anymore, so you can get a lot of good plays with this card. If you do start running into Starlight Road, you can just side it out. Simple, really.

+1 Fiendish Chain - To replace the Forbidden Chalice we took out. this will give the deck some variety, permanent effect negation (until Chain is destroyed) and it can also be used to stop an oncoming attack when needed.

Extra Deck
-1 Armory Arm - Even when it's the only thing you can make, it really doesn't help at all. In those situations, you're probably better off sitting behind two monsters anyway.

-1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn - Another card that's only useful in some situations, where you could usually make a better monster to deal with it anyway.

-1 Photon Papilloperative - There isn't really a big need to deal with defense position monsters with Infernities because you can just plow through them or destroy them with Doom Dragon.

+2 Void Ogre Dragon - In an Archfiend build, Void Ogre is necessary to be able to summon over and over again.

+1 Wind-Up Zenmaines - A good card to stall with when you need time. It's also a good option if you're stuck with nothing but Necromancers and Avengers.

These are the suggestions I have for you. I also noticed that you don't have a completed side deck. If you want, I could give you some advice on that. Anyway, good luck with the deck!


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