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Yu-Gi-Oh/Ruling: double edged sword technique and six samurai


Hi, I have a ruling question about double edged sword technique. If the mosters summoned by it leave the field, (be it a synchro summon, xyz summon, tribute summon, etc..) would i still take damage during the end phase even though they weren't destroyed? ( im really sort of asking this to prove a point)

Another one I have is, say that i have 5 of the original 6 samurai on the field and then activate dark hole, would it be posible to chain thier effects so that in the end only 1 would have to be destroyed?

Thanks for your time


If a Six Samurai(s) monster is removed or "modified" without being destroyed, then I don't believe it will inflict any damage. The best example I know of is the Legendary Ebon Seed's effect on the Double-Edged Sword technique in which the Legendary Ebon Seed will be destroyed at the end of the turn instead of the damage being taken, because the Six Samurai card won't be destroyed.

As for your second question, I believe that you must destroy all of the Six Samurai monsters, no matter what. It's unavoidable.

Thanks for your question, feel free to send a follow-up for clarification :)


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