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Hi i got a question what if i have my void trap hole set and its my opponents turn and he special summons a stardust dragon or a stardust dragon active mode and when he does i activate my void trap hole does my trap destroy them or does there effect negate my trap en destroy it
or am i actiually able to activate it because when they are summoned those monsters doe have effects but nothing is actually activated of there effects for me to negate and destroy it
complicated situalion but maybe u can figure it out ?
thanks !

Void Trap Hole would be ineffective against Stardust.

Your opponent summons Stardust.
You activate Void Trap Hole.
Your opponent responds to Void Trap Hole with Stardust's effect.

Chains resolve backwards.

Stardust's effect activates, tributing itself.
Void Tarp Hole is negated and destroyed.

Stardust returns to the field during the End Phase.

(If Void Trap Hole were a Counter-Trap instead of a regular trap card, then it would be able to stop Stardust.  But as it stands, you're going to need to rely on things like Solemn Warning and Solemn Judgment to stop Stardust.)


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