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Yu-Gi-Oh/[Advice][Rate] Beast-Warrior Beatdown Deck


QUESTION: Okay here is my deck list
{Beast-Warrior Homemade}
x3 Gene Warped Warwolf
x3 Vorse Raider
x3 Mad Dog of Darkness
x3 Sengenjin
x3 Nin-Ken Dog
x3 Glad. Beast Andal
x2 Enraged Battle Ox
x2 Chiron the Mage

x2 Ancient Rules
x2 Heart of the Underdog
x1 Monster Reborn
x1 Mage Power
x1 United we Stand
x1 Mst
x1 Wild nature Release
x2 Double Summon
x1 Pot of Avarice

x2 Call of the Haunted
x1 Mirror Force
x1 Magic Cylinder
x2 Ultimate Offering

[Extra Deck]
x2 Kachi Kochi Dragon
x3 Number 39: Utopia
x2 Terrorfang
x2 Gagagigo the Risen
x2 Thunder End Dragon
x2 Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Killer
x2 Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings

I didn't want to make another boring meta deck (i have plenty). The deck mainly focuses around the strategies, either swarming the field with high atc normal monsters summoned by double summon, ult. offering and such, our getting them out there and xyzing i stronger our more effective monster (terrorfang for ability, The Risen for brute power) Would love to hear anything you have to say. Thank you very much

Sincerely, Isaac

ANSWER: Hey Isaac. A simple beatdown deck, I like.

I would rate this deck 6/10 competitive, 8/10 for fun.
Swarming is nice and can end duels quickly, but it takes up a lot of resources unless you get [Heart of the Underdog] early and get lucky draws. If the swarm is stopped, it is hard to make a come back with the support cards you have in general.

The only recommended change to make is to take out [Wild Nature Release] for something else. Can't afford to lose resource just for a temporary boost. It can be a good card to get rid of stronger monsters, especially when dealing with monsters with troublesome effects and can only get rid of without trouble by destroying by battle (like [Stardust Dragon] and other monsters). Can be good for ending the duel quicker too.

I recommend getting a 3rd copy of [Heart of the Underdog] to maximize your chance of getting it early.

Other than that, it's all preference so I can't give much advice for this deck. Do you value field advantage, damage, or resources? All have their advantages/disadvantages. e.g. [Magic Cylinder] versus another [Mirror Force], damage or field advantage? etc.

If you like draw power, add in 3x [Reckless Greed] and only using it when you have [Heart of the Underdog] up and in your draw phase only after your normal draw.

Here is a list of cards that you may be interested in using. The ones with * are strongly recommended to use. I know you don't like following the meta right now, so it's up to you if you want to add some of these cards. (Looking at you broken [Rescue Rabbit])

Orichalcos Shunoros
Rescue Rabbit*
Secrets of the Gallant
Faustian Bargain*
Dark Factory of Mass Production*
Champion's Vigilance*
Summoner's Art
Symbols of Duty
Tyrant's Throes

[Rescue Rabbit] have good synergy with your deck. Easy XYZ summon, no need to go into much details.
[Faustian Bargain] is a beast card for your deck. It'll get rid of popular troublesome special summoned monsters and let you swarm faster.
[Dark Factory of Mass Production] helps with resources.
[Champion's Vigilance] will help you control the game if you're ahead.

Cry Havoc!
Dark Desertapir
Gold Sarcophagus

[Dark Desetapir] works best with beast monsters, which you are not going for but I'm just putting it in here in case it gives you an idea. [Cry Havoc!] is a weaker version of [Ultimate Offering] but it have good synergy with [Dark Desetapir]. [Gold Sarcophagus] also have good synergy with [Dark Desetapir]. If you want to swarm fast, this is one way in doing it.

These are all the cards that can work with your deck theme/strategy I can find at the moment.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I actually added a Rescue Rabbit a few hours after i asked and it has helped very much, The Faustian, dark factory, and Champions all sound really good and i plan to add them. Now i was thinking about Adding Royal decree and switch out my traps out for spell cards that would allow me to bounce back and stop enemy loops. Any advice?

Sincerely, Isaac
p.s Thank you for the advice very good

Since you don't use many traps, that is do-able. You can add [Dust Barrier] as well which will make it harder for your opponent to win. If they can't win through brute force, spells, or traps, then their only option is through monster effects.

[Faustian Bargain] only sends monster to graveyard, not destroy. This will mess up some effects so it's quite good.

There's not much more we can do with this deck. Adding anything else will ruin the synergy of this deck, especially the monsters. List I gave you is good enough.

The no traps except [Royal Decree] (and maybe 1 or 2 copy of [Champion's Vigilance] is good and you can go for that if you like.

This deck have little protection other than [Dust Barrier] and [Royal Decree], so hopefully the draw power of the deck and ability to swarm will keep your opponent busy and you in the game.

If you want this deck to become better, I recommend you to send the deck list to another expert who plays competitively.


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