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Yu-Gi-Oh/Dark Hole vs Tiki Soul


So here's the scenario. Player A has a face-up Tiki Soul and 2 Tiki Curse, Player B activates Dark Hole. Here's the dilemma, Player A believes that you can activate the effect of Tiki Soul even though all cards are being destroyed while Player B believes Tiki Soul must remain face-up to activate and since all cards are being destroyed at the same time, It can't activate. Can you shed some light on this plz? Thank you.

From my understanding, Tiki Soul would need to remain on the field for its effect to activate.  Since they're all getting wiped out at the same time, he's no longer on the field and thus cannot apply his effect.

I haven't found a concrete ruling on this yet but based on how the cards are written I would rule in favor of Player B.

Player A might consider playing either Imperial Custom to protect his trap monsters or even Safe Zone to equip to his Tiki Soul.  Either would have saved his Tiki Curse monsters.


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