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So a friend and I were wondering if when say I have two dragon type monsters and Lord of D. on the field and my friend sucessfully activates Lightning vortex would all my monsters be destroyed or just lord of D.? also with summoning from the grave yard to the field  do you have to have summoned it first or can you like send a card from your deck to the grave yard  and then by card effect special summon that card from the grave yard to the field of play? Thank you much.

Lord of D. would have no effect here.

Lord of D only prevents dragons from being TARGETED.  Lightning Vortex DOES NOT TARGET - it affects ALL monsters who are face-up, and thus would not prevent the destruction.

As far as your other question, it depends on the card.

Something like "Chaos Sorcerer" where it has a specific requirement to summon it initially (removing a light and dark from the graveyard) has to be properly summoned once first, and then if it's destroyed it can be revived later.

A card that has no particular summoning condition (like "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" could be sent from the deck to the graveyard and later Special Summoned.)

As a general rule - a card that says "This card cannot be special summoned EXCEPT by..." - can't special summon it any other way, even if it was properly summoned first.  A card that says "This card can ONLY be Special Summoned by..." - you have to summon it the right way first and then it can be revived.


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