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Yu-Gi-Oh/Orichalcos vs. Field spells


What really happens when a new field spell is activated with an active Orichalcos? Will The Seal remain or be destroyed through "game mechanics"?

I realize that The Seal of Orichalcos reads: "cannot be destroyed by card effects." and with that said new fields are not destroying by effects. However, from reading through a Konami article on the card it seems as if the once per duel limitation was for the purpose of not being either replaced or destroyed, completely protected from threats once per turn.

The exact readings:
"Magical Citadel of Endymion can be replaced, but it cannot be destroyed by card effects as long as there’s a Spell Counter on it to remove. Closed Forest cannot be replaced by a different Field Spell, but can be destroyed. What would happen if we made The Seal of Orichalcos do both of those things and remove all the costs or restrictions at the same time? We’d make it so there’s no reason to play any Field Spell other than the Seal, and that won’t fly.

With that, there’s only one line of text left to reveal. You’ve probably guessed it already, but here it is anyways: You can only activate “The Seal of Orichalcos” once per Duel."

Here is the article page:

The Seal of Orichalcos would leave the field due to the game mechanic of a new field spell being placed.  You've gotta be careful as far as playing it against any other player playing a field spell of their own.  It only protects itself from stuff like Heavy Storm, MST, Dust Tornado, etc.


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