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QUESTION: I recently bought a load of yugioh cards on ebay, one of the cards was called creatosaurus, the card was overly glossy and the card name was bolder than on normal cards, the colour on the back of the card was bright orange, it has hologram square at the bottom right corner, but certain ways you hold it you can see an imprint of a square, is this card fake?.

ANSWER: Almost Definitely.

As far as I'm aware, there's no card called Creatosaurus in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

The closest is Babycerasaurus, which can be seen here:

The Glossy finish and bolder text are well known features of fake cards.
The hologram is something that is quite easy to duplicate nowadays, so a card having one does not necessarily make it genuine.

If you can provide me an image then I can tell you for sure, but for now I'm relatively certain that the card will be counterfeit.

Hope that helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

baby ceratosaurus
baby ceratosaurus  

Ademen Insect LV 7
Ademen Insect LV 7  
QUESTION: here are the images of the cards I bought off ebay in a joblot, the majority of the cards are ok.

Yes, these are both definitely fake.

The text is different to normal cards, and the Level Stars are out too...
Both these cards have completely different names to their real versions (Babycerasaurus and Ultimate Insect LV7 respectively), so they are, unfortunately, both fake.

Hope that helps.


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