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Hey Exo,
I was wondering if you could help me with a deck build that mixes to decks together; which would be Galaxy/Photon with Maiden. It sounds like it could be competitive and you could pick out a lot of good combos; so far it's been doing very well but sometimes I get dead draws. Please Help me.

3x Maiden with eyes of Blue
2x Blue Eyes
2x Galaxy Eyes
2x Galaxy Wizard
2x Galaxy Knight
2x Mirage Dragon
2x Summoner Monk
2x Flamvell Guard
1x Honest
1x Red Eyes D.M.D.

2x Photon Sanctuary
2x Silver's Cry
2x MST
2x Trade In
2x Forbidden Lance
2x Galaxy Expedition
1x One for One
1x Burst stream of Destruction
1x Dark Hole

2x Mirror Force
2x Fiendish Chain
2x Call of the Haunted

Extra Deck(15)
1x Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
1x Starliege Paladynamo
1x Queen Dragun Djinn
1x Number 40
1x Number 107
2x Hieratic Sun Dragon
1x Neo Galaxy Eyes P. Dragon
1x Ally of justice Catastor
1x Black Rose Dragon
3x Azure Eyes Silver Dragon
1x Trident Dragon
1x Star Eater

Seems like an interesting idea, though I'm not sure these themes mesh together as well as you'd like, since they only seem to share a Level 8-based strategy.
Your build is a reasonably good start, though there are a few things that I'd change the numbers one, and a few that I'd cut altogether...

I'd make that deck look like this:

1 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
2 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
2 Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
3 Galaxy Knight
3 Galaxy Wizard
3 Maiden with Eyes of Blue
2 Summoner Monk
1 Honest
1 The White Stone of Legend

3 Trade-In
3 Forbidden Lance
2 Galaxy Expedition
2 Galaxy Zero
1 Silver's Cry
1 Dark Hole
1 Book of Moon

2 Fiendish Chain
2 Mirror Force
1 Solemn Warning
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Compulsory Evacuation Device
1 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Call of the Haunted

I've dropped a few extras from your original build, things like:

Mystical Space Typhoon - Forbiden Lance is just better here, since this deck relies on summoning either BEWD or a Rank 8 and keeping it around, Lance deals with specific threats rather than whatever you happen to hit.
It also triggers Maiden, which is not to be under-rated.

One for One: Maiden is Nice, but I don't really want to be discarding a monster in order to summon her. The only things I really want to ditch are BEWD and Galaxy Eyes, and I'd rather discard those to Trade-In really (White Stone goes without saying, but we're only playing one fo those). The only reason I see me activiting One for One is to lance the Maiden to drop a turn 1 Azure-Eyes, and that combo isn't going to happen enough times for me to want One-for-One.

Mirage Dragon: This is just awful... Mirror Force and the like just aren't that fantastic right now, and both Dragon Ruler and Prophecy play Raigeki Break/Wing Blast, which they'll just use at the end of the Main Phase instead. Mirage only stops maybe 2 cards in an entire deck.

Flamvell Guard: Drawing Level 1 Normal monsters is not what I want to be doing, especially since this deck doesn't play Cards of Consonance or Dragon Shrine to make appropriate use of them. I also don't really want to synchro this into Star Eater with Red-Eyes, since keeping the Dragon is a much greater threat for my opponent, and playing through Swift Scarecrow isn't a problem for a deck that can summon Felgrand as easily as this one. The White Stone of Legend would just be better, as a Tuner but neither have enough synergy with the deck to warrant 2 spots.

Photon Sanctuary - I never want to be tributing for monsters. EVER. Discarding them and using Galaxy Zero or Silver's Cry is so much better.

Burst Stream - too much focus on something that's not guarantted to happen. If you want something like this, I suggest you look at Proof of Powerlessness, which is a Trap that does virtually the same thing without the attack restriction.

Call of the Haunted - Cry and Galaxy Zero are usually better, but this gets a spot for being Generic, and thus able to summon Maiden or Red-Eyes.

Your Extra deck doesn't seem to contain important things like Felgrand or Diamond Dire Wolf.
It should look something like this:

2 Azure Eyes Silver Dragon
2 Felgrand the Divine Dragon Knight
2 Hieratic Sun Dragon - Overlord of Heliopolis
1 Number 46 - Dragluon
1 Number 40 - Gimmick Puppet of Strings
1 Thunder End Dragon
1 Coaching King Giantrainer
1 Ally of Justice Catastor
1 Armades, Keeper of Boundaries
1 Diamond Dire Wolf
1 Lavalval Chain
1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn

Give that a go, see what you think.


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