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A couple things about Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon (HPPD)

Is HPPD and other monsters with Harpie's in their name still considered "Harpie" monsters and thus are included in effects dealing with "Harpie" cards?

If I have HPPD on the field w/ xyz materials, (and maybe a couple Harpie Ladies for example) does its effect prevent my opponent from attacking at all or does it allow the opponent to attack directly since the opponent can't attack any of the Harpies?

I have a cousin who was getting upset about how unfair HPPD would be as it not only stops attacks but can attack directly itself 3 turns straight for at least 6000 pts of damage and was looking for ways to get around it. But if the above facts are true, then we shall roll with it!

Thank You!!

Hey Joshua,
That's a great question,honestly I used to have the same problem with some of my friends with that situation; and I've learned that your opponent can't do basically anything to your Harpie's until HPPD has no attachments. I hope that answers your question and hope you have no more problems with this topic.


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