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hey richie i was wondering if you take a look at my e-heroe deck n help fix i think it has potential n could b doing btr.

20x Monsters
e-hero stratos
e-hero prisma
e-hero sparkman x2
e-hero ocean
e-hero b-man x2
e-hero avian x2
e-hero clayman x2
e-hero burstinatrix x2
e-hero bladedge
e-hero wildheart
e-hero necroshade
king of the swamp x3

Spells 20x
Monster Reborn x2
Hero's Bond
Fusion Sage
Skyscraper x2
Skyscraper 2 - hero city x2
Fusion Recovery
Polymerization x2
Fake Hero
H - Heated Heart
E - Emergency Water x2
R - Righteous Justice
Miracle Fusion
Fusion Gate
Pot of Greed(threw in for more draw power)
The A. Forces(Have this in here so I'm able to power up my e-heroes)

Traps 6x
Hero Barrier
Draining Shield x2
Hero Signal x2
Hero Spirit

Extra Deck x14
Great Tornado
Absolute Zero
The Shining
Terra Firma
Plasma Vice
Shining Flare Wingman
Flame Wingman
Thunder Giant
Wild Wingman

Hey Cameron!

Although I do not think that this question is directed towards me, I`ll answer it for you. If I am not the expert that you wanted to answer the question, feel free to repost the question and your question may be answered by the desired expert. Ok, let`s get started!

To start, I want to mention that the deck that you have posted is only legal in the Traditional format due to Pot of Greed being in the main deck. The deck that I am going to recommend is legal in the Advanced format.

Here is the deck:

Monsters: 19
1x E-Hero Stratos
2x E-Hero Prisma
2x E-Hero Sparkman
2x E-Hero Ocean
2x E-Hero Bubbleman
2x E-Hero Avian
2x E-Hero Clayman
2x E-Hero Burstinatrix
2x E-Hero Wildheart
2x King of the Swamp

Spells: 17
1x Monster Reborn
1x Dark Hole
1x Heavy Storm
2x E- Emergency Call
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Reinforcements of the Army
2x Miracle Fusion
2x Polymerization
2x Fusion Recovery
1x Pot of Avarice
1x Super Polymerization
1x Pot of Duality

Traps: 4
2x Compulsory Evacuation Device
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror Force

Extra deck: 15
2x Great Tornado
2x Absolute Zero
1x The Shining
2x Gaia
1x Shining Flare Wingman
2x Flame Wingman
1x Thunder Giant
1x Electrum
1x Mudballman
1x Number 39: Utopia
1x Leviair the Sea Dragon

You should find that this deck is a bit more consistent, while still keeping the same idea behind the original deck.

I think that the problem that you were having with the original deck was that the consistency was not as good as it could have been, which will hinder the deck`s ability to get many combos under way in a short amount of time.

What I have done here is cut down on the cards that can potentially become a dead draw. Cards such as E- Hero Bladedge and E-Hero Necroshade. These cards are not able to be normal summoned without any kind of tributing, so they can possibly be dead in the hand unless you draw one of your fusion-enabling cards.

I also added some XYZ monsters to the Extra deck. This will also speed up the deck in the sense that you will not have to draw into any of your fusion spell cards in order to bring out a big monster onto the board.

Other than the changes that I have mentioned, I also added some more consistent spell and trap cards, which will boost the speed overall.

I hope that I have helped! Have an awesome week!!!


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