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My brother and i have an issue with field cards that affect both sides.
My question is,if i have a monster who can use the field card to my advantage(destroying the card to use my affect) if the card was summoned by my opponent?
Example: umi, i have a monster who can use umi by destroying e card, my brother states because he summoned the field card only he can use it to sacrifice.

Hello Carlos!!!

So, what I think that you are trying to ask is: If my opponent uses a field spell, and I have a monster that can use that particular field spell, can I use my opponent`s field spell for my own monster`s effect?

Now, this is a hard question to answer because there are so many field spells out there that can be utilized by both players. However, if you have a card that says, "You can send one face-up field spell card to the graveyard to..."  Then, yes, you can use your opponent`s field spell. But, if the card says, "You can send one face-up field spell that you control to the graveyard..." Then, no, you cannot send your opponent`s field spell because the card says that you have to control the field spell.

In your  example, you ask about Umi. I think that you mean the card Codarus, which states:

"You can send 1 face-up "Umi" you control to the Graveyard to target up to 2 cards your opponent controls; send those targets to the Graveyard."

Since the card says, "send 1 face-up "Umi" you control to the Graveyard..." then you cannot send your opponent`s card to the grave because you have to control the Umi.

I hope that I helped!!!


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