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So, I have been playing Infernities since they were even a deck, but I have never been to any large scale events, so I do not know whether or not this deck is viable in today`s meta. Given that it is an Infernity deck, it does have its flaws, a major one being its inconsistency. I will go into detail about each card after I list the deck, so be prepared for a lengthy description about what the deck entails.

Monsters: 13
 3x Infernity Archfiend
 2x Infernity Necromancer
 2x Infernity Avenger
 1x Infernity Mirage
 1x Infernity Guardian
 1x Armageddon Knight
 1x Dark Grepher
 2x Tour Guide from the Underworld

Spells: 9
 3x Mystical Space Typhoon
 1x Dark Hole
 1x Monster Reborn
 1x Book of Moon
 1x One for One
 1x Foolish Burial
 1x Reinforcements of the Army

Traps: 18
 3x Compulsory Evacuation Device
 3x Infernity Break
 2x Infernity Barrier
 2x Bottomless Trap Hole
 1x Solemn Warning
 2x Torrential Tribute
 2x Mirror Force
 1x Starlight Road
 2x Call of the Haunted

Extra: 15
 1x Wind-Up Zenmains
 1x Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
 1x Leviair the Sea Dragon
 1x Lavalval Chain
 1x Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
 1x Armory Arm
 1x Ally of Justice Catastor
 1x Stygian Sergeants
 1x Scrap Dragon
 1x Stardust Dragon
 1x Infernity Doom Dragon
 1x Hundred-Eyes Dragon
 2x Void Ogre Dragon
 1x Mist Wurm

Ok, so first off, there are 2 Infernity necromancers in this deck. The reasoning behind this is that I want to have the greatest chance of opening with a hand that allows me to do the most conservative play, along with the most optimal play, and I think that cutting the fat as much as I can will help me do that. Since I only actually need 2 Necromancers, I will only have 2 in there.

The next thing that may be different about this deck is the fact that I run an Infernity Mirage at 1. I wanted to, again, cut down on as much of the cards that have the potential to clog the hand because that would allow me to run a card that I can get an immediate play out of, and I think that Mirage at 1 is not going to clog as much as a deck that runs Mirage at 2. Also, the thing that I say to everybody that wants to know why I run only one is that if you run only one, it eliminates the possibility of ever drawing 2 in your opening hand.

I run an Infernity Guardian in this deck because of the diverse format that we have right now. It is arguably one of the best stall cards in the game. It also provides some more versatility in the main deck.

I run one of each of the knights because this is another thing that allows me to get the most versatility out of the deck. If I want a Dark Grepher, I can have one because I run one, and vise-versa with Knight.

People tell me that only one Tour Guide is necessary in the main deck, but I run 2 because I run only 2 Necromancers. If I run out of Necromancers, I can go into another Tour Guide. This allows, again, the most versatility for the deck, which is vital in any situation.

The reason that I run 3 Infernity Breaks and only 2 Infernity Barriers is that Break can often be used to get the upper hand in a duel in more situations due to the fact that it have no requirements that you need to fulfill beside removing an Infernity from the grave.

Ok, that is most of the things that are going to be different from your average Infernity deck. I hope that you liked it.

Also, I would like a rate on the main deck if you have the time.

Thank you


Hey Anthony! Nice name!

So, the points that you made about your particular deck are pretty clear and precise, so I will do my best to give the best changes to the deck possible while also providing the most consistency that the deck will allow.

So, let us get started. First off, let me say that the deck looks very nice. My personal build is very, very similar to yours.

Ok, the one thing that worries me is the amount of trap cards that you are running. If I were to recommend anything, it would be to run more spell cards. Not only does the abundance clog the backrow, it could also become a weakness when the opponent sides in a Royal Decree. Even though Royal Decree is scarce in the side decks, the fact that it is a card that people side in is enough of a reason to prepare for it. I would recommend using some more generic spell cards, such as Forbidden Lance.

The one and only other suggestion that I would give you is to take out one Void Ogre Dragon and replace it with a Photon Papyloperative. Since Infernities are a deck that can explode in one turn with a single card, we know that that one spirit Reaper can hurt us. Usually the only option that we have is to draw into an out. With this card, it would be easier to have an out to Spirit Reaper, among other cards that hinder the strategy of the deck or stall.

With that, I think that the deck is fine the way that it is, and these are the changes that I would make to the deck it I were the one who was running this deck.

Have an awesome week!!!


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