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QUESTION: Hey Exo, I'm kind of stumped here and I don't know what I should go with. Previously you've helped me with my Hieratic Blue Eyes deck, and my Gravekeeper's deck. Both decks are performing really well, made a few tweaks to both of them, but after playtesting vigorously with these decks I'm still wondering which deck I should use in tournaments such as Regionals, and a possible YCS? I currently don't know what decks are at the top right now, but if its Water and Fists I'm unsure if my 2 decks are ready to face these top players. Also I've ran into the same problem I run into every single time I make a deck. When siding for the next match I somewhat choke under preasure when figuring out what to swap out and what to swap in.

So Exo, my question is looking at both of my decks, which 1 seems more effective against this format? Like which 1 should I use when going into an event such as Regionals/YCS (Regionals seems more likely for both my strategies)? Here are my DN links to my decks:

Hieratic Blue Eyes


Then depending on which deck I use, what should I side in, and what should I side out when I go up against the popular decks of this Format? Decks of the format (Mermail, Fire Fist, Macro Rabbit, Prophecy, etc.)

Hope you can help Exo and I await your response.

ANSWER: Gravekeepers will take you further in a competitive event, since the Hieratic BEWD build isn't really that competitive at all.
The Issues with Gravekeepers is that they're no longer Anti-Meta, since all the top decks don't care about Necrovalley.
That means you're playing uphill to start, since your Necrovalleys are essentially 500 boost Spells that leave you vulnerable to MST...
However, with good play it can still do well provided you side deck correctly.

You're going to need heavy Side Decks for Mermail, Rabbit and Fire Fist, since those decks will be out in force.

Macro Cosmos/Banisher will help out against Fire Fist and Mermail, while Rabbit can be thwarted by Thunder King and Fossil Dyna.
I'd also look at playing Mind Crush in the Side Deck for extra Mermail hate and the odd Prophecy matchup.

Something like this maybe:

2 Banisher of the Radiance
2 Thunder King Rai-Oh
2 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Macro Cosmos
2 Deck Devastation Virus
2 Mind Crush

Though I rather like that Eradicator...
You might also want to consider Rivalry of Warlords or Gozen Match too...
Hmmm, have a play around with Banisher and Mind Crush, see what you think.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hey Exo. Thanks for your help on this subject. Amongst the decks I mentioned that would trouble me I forgot to mention Karakuri too. For my side deck, I constructed it to be the same one you wrote above. The only card I might not use is Banisher. I like Banisher but I feel I'll do alright with Macro alone. With that in mind my side deck looks like this:

Side Deck 15
1x Cyber Dragon
2x Thunder King Rai-Oh
2x Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
3x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Macro Cosmos
2x Deck Devastation Virus
1x Eradicator Epidemic Virus
2x Mind Crush

Here's my DN link just incase you need the full list:

Now I kept the Cyber Dragon and the 1 EEV in my side instead of placing in Banisher. Reason for Cyber is bcuz of the rare Karakuri, or machine base match-ups. EEV for decks such as Prophecy, Fire Fist, and anything else that use a large number of either card type (Spell/Trap). I'm thinking about bumping the EEV to 2, but if I do which card in the side would you minus? My thought is Cyber Dragon could be minused. But, and this is something I'm struggling with, if Eradicator in my side gets bumped to 2, I know I'm gonna need another Dark 2500 target besides relying Stardust for Eradicator's requirments. My thought was adding to my main deck 1 Gravekeeper's Visionary. Here's why I suggest Visionary. 1, Visionary's stats and effect. This card under Valley is 2500, and with its eff it will be 2700 or higher. Plus if I cant summon Stardust bcuz there's no fld spell, and summon Visionary its very possible that its atk will be above 2500. That's my thought if EEV rises to 2 in my Side.

So Exo, should I bump up my EEV to 2 by minusing Cyber, and would I need a 2nd Dark target in my main deck? If so would Visionary be a reasonable choice? Well that's my follow-up. Hope you can help and I await your response. I think too this will be my last question to you until the new stuff arrives. (Evilswarm, Constellar, Prophecy and Fist support, ect.)

I wouldn't touch Visionary with a ten foot pole, it's an awful card.. the protection effect simply doesn't do anything to half the commonly played Traps in the meta, so it's effectively summoned Skull...

If you wanted an extra hit for Eradicator then why not just play an extra Malefic Dust Dragon?

Prophecy isn;t that big for the moment either way, you copies of Thunder King, Dyna and Mind Crush should keep it at bay nicely, especially since the real power-effects in the prophecy deck simply don't work under Necrovalley anyway...

A second one just isn't necessary for the moment.


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